Your Postharvest Field Checklist

Since harvest flew by this year for much of the U.S., you now have some time to give your fields some much-needed TLC.

“This is one of the earliest harvests on record in Illinois and last year was one of the latest,” says Brett Roberts, Illinois state agronomist for Natural Resource Conservation Service. “Talk about two seasons that are just polar opposite.”

Roberts offers this to-do list to fill your extra time this fall.
Address Compaction
This is probably one of the first opportunities that farmers have had in several years to address compaction, Roberts says. He encourages farmers to fully analyze their fields and use any needed deep tillage implements to fix compaction.
Get Covered
While it may be too late in the calendar for some areas, Roberts says planting fall cover crops is always a good idea.
In Illinois, he says, farmers have to worry about nitrates coming out of the tile lines. “We know that fall cover crops do a whole lot as far as absorbing any excess nitrogen that might be in the soil after harvest.”
Replenish Nutrients
“Healthy crops protect the soil better,” Roberts says. So, to reach that healthy level, he suggests getting caught up on lime applications.

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