Ten Things Farmers Know Better Than Anyone Else

iStock_000014734121Small farmer deal FST 5Anyone can farm, but not everyone is a Farmer. There are many things that you quickly learn and traits that are necessary to have while Farming. Below is our list of the 10 things Farmers know better than anyone else. (in no specific order)

1. Patience: Farmers are some of the most patient people you’ll ever meet- they have to be. They must have patience with their crop, their livestock, their equipment and most of all, the weather. Who else could wait for months for their crop with the hope that it will turn into something.

2. Optimism: The Farmer has to be an optimist or else he wouldn’t be a Farmer. Maintaining an optimistic outlook through it all is the only way to get through the days of droughts, broken equipment and sick livestock. Farmers know better than anyone else, maintaining the perspective that next year will always be better, is crucial.

3. Mother Nature: She’s a force to be reckoned with but Farmers could tell you more about the weather than the weatherman. They watch her daily and know what they need from her to get their crops growing, harvested and sold, not to mention, to produce feed for their livestock and to keep them happy.

4. Risk Taking: Who is to say that the seed you invested your money or the livestock you just bought will return the investment, but yet Farmers must take those risks and if it doesn’t work out, they will try again next year.

5. Wisdom and Knowledge: Books do not begin to contain what is necessary to become a successful farmer. The wisest of all is the Farmer, for they have been through more in a year than many go through in their lives. Combine that with the lessons they learn (good and bad), and there’s not much a Farmer couldn’t give you advice on.

6. The land: Who else knows your land better than you? For Farmers that rings especially true – their land is their everything. They could tell you more about the history of that land, what will grow on it and what won’t and most of all, the memories from that land. No one understands the land as well as farmers, because it not only supports them but nurtures their souls.

7. Perspective: To some its just dirt, but to Farmers, its their future. Farmers know they must maintain the right perspective on farming and life if they want to succeed.

8. Frugality: Today many farmers produce more to earn less so who better to know how to stretch a dollar than a Farmer.

9. Environment: Farmers do more today to preserve the environment than ever before. From technological advances to seed advancements, they continue to work and make improvements to their land, after all, that’s all they have.

10. Hard work: Farmers seldom have good years, just some years are worse than the others. But they keep on working hard knowing that with out them, the world would starve.

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23 thoughts on “Ten Things Farmers Know Better Than Anyone Else

  1. sparky says:

    agree with all of it and coming from a rural city. it would be nice to see some of the big boys worry more about harvesting their crops rather then harvesting insurance

  2. The Editors of Garden Variety says:

    Thanks for passing this along.

  3. Jacks says:

    You’ve got to be kidding me. Unless this is talking about small, local, and sustainable practicing farmers, this is a joke. Farmers are a big part of environmental issues that has, quite literally, a link to everything.

    Before going and assuming these statements are true, let’s first look at the effects of nitrogen oxide, pesticides, and genetically modified crops.

    • Jacks says:

      I am also not hating on ALL farmers before anyone makes this claim. I am aware of their invaluable service

    • Farm Wife says:

      How many of your neighbors have their lawns treated? Just sayin

    • Ryan says:

      Jack (ass),
      Maybe you better take a closer look at the every day Joe over applying nitrogen to his lawn because in the big scheme of things, it doesnt cost him much more on his 1/16 ac. lot. Homeowners can contribute to more nutrient loading on a stream that farmers. A farmer who is planting hundreds or thousands of acres is going to put down the minimum to produce the required yield, because if not, its money not well spent. Fertilizers is not cheap. then again neither is talk. I suggest you spend a few 14 hours days on a farm. Maybe you will understand what real work is and gain an appreciation for where you food comes from. You may even aquire a few of the notable attributes above, then again, its hard to change liberal perspective.

    • Farmkidlife says:

      Don’t talk bad about farmers with your belly full. I work 17 hr days and this is the crap I see from people who are just brain washed

      • brad says:

        Hey, I grew up on a farm. Let me tell you, Farming now days is for the most part not anything like it was back when farmers really did work hard. I own a business in a small town, I to take a risk every day how many people will buy something today, in the winter a snow storm will shut my business down, The only difference is I don’t have any government hand outs waiting for me. As far as the statement don’t complain about farmers with your mouth full, this has been said for years! remember without the rest of us to purchase your products. what would you do with it. My point, It takes ALL OF US TO MAKE THE WORLD GO AROUND. It is such an arrogant attitude when a group of people think they are more important than every one else. As for the environmental issues I live in town. I use organic fertilizer on my lawn. When we shop for food we try to buy as much organic products as we can. We support small farmers and business people as much as we can. And again I grew up on a small farm and did farm myself. Think about it.

      • John says:

        “I work 17 hour days”-want a cookie? If you don’t like your job and are just going to complain about it, look for a different job.

    • James Brannan says:

      And farmers know what’s real about these things and what isn’t.

    • Robyn says:

      You obviously have never farmed a day in your life. Or for that matter done your research into what is involved. Farmers, no matter how small or big bust their hind-ends literally and figuratively 365 days a year to provide food for people like yourself. And I don’t think you grasp what all is entailed into “farming”. That is a HUGE range, from the person raising beef & row crops (like myself) or any kind of animal, crop, seeds and then do we really want to get into the by-products that come from the animals that are raised and then fed some of these crops meanwhile you’re sitting down at your dinner table to enjoy a meal that was provided to you ….ready wait for it…..by a farmer! And guess what that farmer is probably still out irrigating at supper time to make sure their crops don’t die. While doing all of this they are trying to provide a safe, wholesome, consumable product, all WITHOUT breaking the bank. Cause lets face it we do NOT do this for the money or the vacation. We go out of out way to make sure that our crops are being rotated properly so we don’t have a huge impact on the soil and the sprays that we use are not only SAFE but NECESSARY. Do you have any idea what a huge pain in the ass this is? And we do it because we love it, obviously not for some unappreciative or ungrateful smuck such as yourself. So next time you want to open your mouth with such an ignorant comment and without all of the information, maybe you want to come out and spend sometime in one our worlds? Where our days start before the sun comes up and doesn’t end till the sun goes down, meanwhile trying to have somewhat “normal” lives. And unless you don’t drive a smart-car that is “eco-friendly” and you’re 100% vegan and never use anything even by-product related (i.e. medicines, dice, buttons, shampoo…. see the list here & please see above how the by-products are related to the row-crops which are related to the farmer which is related to what you are ignorantly whining about) you probably don’t get to say anything.

      • John says:

        Another “poor farmer” sob story. If farming and owning your own schedule, having the freedom of your own business, having the gov’t to back you up when you fail, and gaining knowledge and satisfaction that you produce something is too rough for you, no one is forcing you to farm, bud. To all the farmers who whine about “I work 14 hour days” (near home, most with family), thank you for the food. You are compensated for it, and if that compensation isn’t enough, do something else or stop whining, I’m sure an even larger farming operation is dying to sweep in and run your fields in a more efficient manner. I wish I had a nickel for every time I heard a farmer complain about the weather, yield, prices, low profit margin, etc, then I would probably have enough nickles to solve world hunger in itself.

      • Robyn says:

        John, No where in there was my comment a “sob” story. I’m pretty sure I speak for myself as well as almost every other farmer/rancher out there, we do what we do because we love and no other reason. Yes there are other perks but no one either sets out to be a farmer or takes over being a farmer with the idea of becoming rich or other big dreams such as that. It’s love of what we do. It’s love of providing a service for other people, for me it’s a love of the being around the farm and animals and passing this tradition down to my children. So no John no sob story here, just someone simply pointing out some true facts to yet another ignorant, arrogant smuck about services provided for him and his family. Not to mention millions of others, from the clothes of their back to the food in their bellies and if someone wants to complain about it and say we’re the problem then by all means come out and see how lazy we are and tell us what we are doing wrong. I’d love to know. But no sob story. I love my life, even if it is sun up to sun providing a service to people who are ungrateful : ) I still wouldn’t change it.

      • Lee Little says:

        Informative and right on the money.

  4. Gay Gardella says:

    I love this, but don’t agree with #10’s statement “Farmers seldom have good years”. Some have plenty of good years and there is no shame in that. They ride the ups and downs and run successful businesses that weather bad times. It isn’t necessary to paint farmers as poor, hardworking, slaves to the land they love. They deserve all the success they have.

  5. Mark reeves says:

    This list only pertains to the small farmers. The big ones are the laziest most complaining people I’ve ever met. Small time farmers are the backbone of this country. Big time farmers are like a kidney. They help but you can afford to lose one.

  6. Cathy Crist says:

    #1 – Patience is not my families strong suit. The men drive us crazy playing the waiting game (I.e. to plant, waiting for rain/stop raining, harvest, etc.)! Makes for some tense days. But #5 & 6 are the true definition of a Farmer. Very proud of my family! I aspire to uphold these values :’-|

  7. Mark, I am not sure what part of the country you reside in, however we would welcome you to visit our production farm in Northern Indiana. Our Team is the furthest thing from “lazy” and really don’t complain. Large, medium, small, non organic, organic, GMO, non GMO all farmers hard working and passionate about Agriculture, because if they weren’t they would be doing something else. All farmers have a enormous task ahead of them to feed the world, cloth the masses, and fuel the future.
    If you would like to visit, just send me a email.
    Kassi Rowland-Tom Farms, Leesburg IN

  8. Gary R Jones says:

    You whiners should worry more about Obama and a lot less about farmers. Go ahead and stuff your face with that burgar. It did not come from Kroger without the great American Farmer.

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