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Check Out a Demo of the New Bale Direct System

Check out photos of the demo on Fastline’s Flickr Page.

Indiana Fastline Rep, Debbie Fornefeld,  visited Tuthill in Brookston to see the new Bale Direct coupled drive system that allows a combine and baler to work together.  The same company that gave us the MudHog four wheel drive system now manufactures a conveyor that attaches a John Deere, Case IH, New Holland, Lexion, Massey Ferguson, Gleaner, Hesston, or Challenger combine or baler.  The conversion seems to be relatively simple.  It includes removing the chaff spreader and attaching hydraulics that feed chaff across the conveyor into the baler.  The combine in the video uses a an Oxbo head that discards much of the stalk so that the bale consist mostly of husk and cobs which is desirable if the bales are to be used for cellulosic conversion into ethanol.

The bales can also be used for feeding stocker cattle or bedding.  Baling from the combine offers several advantages.  A single pass requires no tractor or rake, saves fuel, and more weed seeds are collected and removed.  An added benefit is that the bale is cleaner, since the chaff never touches the ground.

This product will can be seen at a demonstration next week in Menlo, IA at the SynGest Ammonia plant.  As new ways to use the organic trash that might have been left behind in the field emerge, Tuthill continues to explore the possibilities to turn residue into profit.  Given that many farms already include a combine and a big baler, it will be interesting to see if this becomes a new trend on large acre farms further west.  More information is available at:  tuthill.com/baledirect or by calling (800) 348-2474.

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