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Georgia Ag Chat: Peanut Acreage

Check out this video of Brad Haire, news director with the University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, talks with Dr. Nathan Smith, farm economist with UGA Cooperative Extension, about Georgia peanut acreage decline and what that means for farm prices now and next year.


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This Week’s Hot Topics

University of Illinois: The Price of Farmland is Still Gaining Ground:

Unlike many other assets whose values have tanked this past year, farmland prices have not fallen during the recent troubled economic times. A recent University of Illinois report examined this phenomenon. The report is an installment of Farm Economics Facts and Opinions and is posted on the University of Illinois farmdoc website… Read more.

USDA to Issue $550 Million in Payments to Soybean, Rice, and Cotton Producers:

American Soybean Association (ASA) reports: The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced that starting Oct. 22, up to $550 million in disaster assistance will be issued to producers of soybeans, rice, upland cotton and sweet potatoes that suffered losses because of excessive moisture or related conditions in 2009… Read More.

Check Out the 2011 Line of Apache Sprayers from Equipment Technologies:

Farm Journal’s Margy Fischer visits with Apache territory sales manager Paul Peterson about the major changes to the lineup of Apache Sprayers, including an all-new cab, product fill station, and transmission. See the Video Here.

The National Peanut Board Launches an iPhone App:

he National Peanut Board has entered the iPhone app world. Peanuts: Energy for the Good Life®” iPhone app offers recipes, snack suggestions and a five-minute mindfulness meditation exercise with Stephan Bodian, author of Meditation for Dummies® ― tools to help you care for your body and mind throughout every part of every day… Read More.


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Sunbelt Ag Expo Wrap-Up: Photos and Video

The 2010 Sunbelt Ag Expo is complete! The show was great this year and the Fastline team really enjoyed meeting all the folks that came by our booth.

Make sure to check out our Flickr Page to see photos of the show and the exhibitor Catfish dinner Fastline co-sponsored.


We are already looking forward to a great 2011 show!

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Day 2 of Sunbelt Ag Expo Off to a Great Start

It is another beautiful day is Moultrie, GA for as day 2 of the Sunbelt Ag Expo is underway. The weather is a bit cooler than yesterday, but still quite warm. The aisles of the show buildings are full of attendees eager to find information or a great deal. The Fastline booth has been busy all morning with folks doing demos of Fastline.com and signing up for a subscription to Fastline.

If you are attending the show, stop by the Fastline booth in Ag Building 3 to receive a free Fastline hat or t-shirt!

Check out photos from the Expo here on Fastline’s Flickr Account. Stay tuned for more photo, video and blogging coverage.

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North Carolina State University Peanut Field Days 2010

Check out photos and videos from the event here!

Approximately 100 farmers and Fastline readers toured the fields during the annual Peanut Field Day, sponsored by North Carolina State University’s Department of Crop Sciences.

Attendees learned about the new and improved seed varieties bred at this facility. Some of the technology that can be applied to peanut production includes GPS, GIS, guidance systems, variable rate controls, applicator controls, yield monitors and automatic curing controls, according to the experts at Bio & Ag Engineering. Attendees were able to watch a GPS driven harvesting demonstration where the peanut combine flipped the peanut plants to expose the peanuts previously underground.

An interesting piece of information was shared at the event. Since the growers can now choose thier own seed varieties, those Virginia peanuts that people love so much are mostly grown in North Carolina. In fact, the entire harvest of Virginia peanuts has migrated closer and closer to Georgia, but remains a big producer in eastern North Carolina.

Crop scientists also discussed disease and drought tolerance, a hot topic in our thirsty state. They explained how breeding peanuts is a time consuming investment, taking up to seven years to determine which varieties will increase yield and therefore profit. Farmers were reminded that when using precision agriculture technologies for peanut production or other crops, the farmer should consider the entire production system.

Deciding which technologies are most effective can be a challenging task.  Decision support tools such as http://www.agmanager.info can provide valuable assistance in determining how to best choose from the available technologies. Gary Roberson, Associate Professor and Extension Specialist for Biological & Ag Engineering, can also be reached for more information at garyroberson@ncsu.edu or 919-515-6715.

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